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After 3 years of dedication and good work, we are proud to announce the presentation of our album Quartz. The album itself is 26 tracks - nearly 2 hours long - and was recorded in Tennessee and Texas and was a Herculean effort by a number of beautiful people. The album, latent with ancient and future notions, will be released by ATO Records (USA) and Dine Alone Records (Canada). We are gracious for their help and determination to aid us in our creation.

Quartz will be physically presented in most forms imaginable and in an abbreviated format known now as Quartz bijou. In the internet where we all connect and triumph and worry, all 26 tracks will be available for all to hear. Like its namesake, Quartz takes time and patience - increasingly rare and taxed commodities nowadays, we know - but we hope the album will be enjoyed, take you on a great journey, and can satiate your auditory devices for a long time.